Start Me Up

For a brief while there I disappeared. Last Friday I had every intention of writing a post. Yet, like so many other things I start, I managed to not do it. It's not a complete lack of motivation that stops me from doing things I know I want to and should do. It's just a … Continue reading Start Me Up

For Lack of Use

I am a writer. But, I don't sit down and spend time writing fantastic stories all day long. But, oh how I want to. Right now, I'm a writer for hire. I sell my skill to those willing to pay - and I do need a paycheck. So, while my skills in writing SEO articles … Continue reading For Lack of Use

Buffy the *Goal* Slayer?

Okay, so I'm certainly not a chosen one, let alone THE Chosen One. I haven't been summoned by destiny to keep the forces of evil at bay. At least...not yet. It's impossible to say if I have a higher calling to serve in the world. But, that's not where I'm going with this.  See, every year … Continue reading Buffy the *Goal* Slayer?

Green with Good Energy

Good evening! First off, I hope no one minds the color change. I'd been going back and forth when setting up this blog for a while before I finally let the blue be and began to focused on writing. But still, the blue didn't feel quite right. So, I've gone to green.  Now, as it … Continue reading Green with Good Energy

D & D : Detox and De-stress

I had just gotten back into the swing of a fairly regular exercise routine after having a cold had thrown it off. Then...the holidays. I got a bit lax, but was still making an effort. The gym's not too far, but it isn't nearby so I the snowier days I've been doing what I can with … Continue reading D & D : Detox and De-stress

Do You or Dosha?

Today was a fairly calm for me, as calm as my days tend to get anyway. I spent some time with my brother working on a forensic science kit and otherwise spent time resting. One of my focuses for 2018 is to make sure that I am more aware of my mental health. Too often … Continue reading Do You or Dosha?

Finding My Ikigai

The other day I finished reading "Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life" by Héctor García and Francesc Miralles. Although it wasn't a super short read, it was easy. The concept of ikigai, which generally speaking means your "purpose for being", was well explained. The basis of the book are the residents of Okinawa, many … Continue reading Finding My Ikigai