The Overabundance of Beginnings

The other night I attended a journaling class at my local library. It's a class that I've been going to monthly for a few years now. I always benefit from the time to focus on nothing but clearing my head. The big focus the other night was beginnings - starting something new you've always wanted … Continue reading The Overabundance of Beginnings

Inspiration: A Phoenix

It's funny. I had an idea for what I wanted to post tonight. Then I sat there thinking about what I wanted to post and realized I did't know why I wanted to post it. To be clear, I knew why I chose the topic. But, I didn't know what I wanted to say about the … Continue reading Inspiration: A Phoenix

Harry Potter and the Super Bowl Sunday Feast

My past two weekends have been jammed packed, but in a good way. I've spent time watching The Hunger Games and reconnecting with an old friend, whom I had had a falling out with a while back. In terms of numbered years it's truly not too long, but emotional years always go on forever (and … Continue reading Harry Potter and the Super Bowl Sunday Feast

Start Me Up

For a brief while there I disappeared. Last Friday I had every intention of writing a post. Yet, like so many other things I start, I managed to not do it. It's not a complete lack of motivation that stops me from doing things I know I want to and should do. It's just a … Continue reading Start Me Up

For Lack of Use

I am a writer. But, I don't sit down and spend time writing fantastic stories all day long. But, oh how I want to. Right now, I'm a writer for hire. I sell my skill to those willing to pay - and I do need a paycheck. So, while my skills in writing SEO articles … Continue reading For Lack of Use

Buffy the *Goal* Slayer?

Okay, so I'm certainly not a chosen one, let alone THE Chosen One. I haven't been summoned by destiny to keep the forces of evil at bay. At least...not yet. It's impossible to say if I have a higher calling to serve in the world. But, that's not where I'm going with this.  See, every year … Continue reading Buffy the *Goal* Slayer?

D & D : Detox and De-stress

I had just gotten back into the swing of a fairly regular exercise routine after having a cold had thrown it off. Then...the holidays. I got a bit lax, but was still making an effort. The gym's not too far, but it isn't nearby so I the snowier days I've been doing what I can with … Continue reading D & D : Detox and De-stress