The Death Cure

Today, I went to the final installment of the Maze Runner movies. It feels like it’s been so long since the first one came out that it’s hard to think that this is the end. It’s similar to how it felt when Harry Potter ended. I remember seeing the last movie in theatres with my friend and us just being a little lost after. I can only imagine how it feels to write these stories or be a part of filming them. Both of those acts take up so much more time compared to the few hours audiences spend in the theatre watching the films. It’s easy to understand how actors can feel a little lost after big projects end.

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I went to the movie with my brother because I had promised we’d go see it while it was in theatres. It’s really the best way to see films like this. My sister, who was originally supposed to join us is going to end up missing that part of the experience. She’s away on a trip right now and, while I was going to wait to go until she got back, I checked the listings and the film would’t be there at all. She gave us permission to go without her, so we did. In a weird way it echoed the Thomas/Newt storyline of the film. I won’t give it away in case, like me, you haven’t read the books. (I did Google the plot, but not everyone does that.) 

The film itself was very well done. I’m familiar with almost all the actors from other films or television shows, so I knew I’d enjoy them all in this. The ending, although very much bitter with a touch of sweet, was fitting for the story. Just a fair warning there is a scene where Dylan O’Brien (as Thomas) and Thomas Brodie-Sangster (as Newt) are going to rip your heart out. Their scene is amazingly well acted and I’m not ashamed to admit it made me cry right there in the theatre.

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This isn’t the scene that will rip your heart out by the way. That comes much later, after you start getting a little hopeful again. Typical.  (Image courtesy of @MazeRunnerNY on Twitter). 

I thought the pacing of this final installment was something a lot of films and stories can learn from. There was plenty of action, intermixed with moments of seriousness and comedy. I personally, have trouble enjoying a story where the end takes too long to get to the end. There’s always that climactic moment, but sometimes it’s so slow going getting there that it takes away the urgency. I didn’t have that issue with this movie at all. 

I’ve been very into the dystopian/futuristic society stories recently, especially when presented on film. There’s something about watching a world so similar to your own, and yet so vastly different, that makes you sit there and question society and life as you know it. It’s one thing to read the book and picture it, often that does shock you as well, but another to see it brought to life. The very fact that such ideas could be replicated so easily on film lends credence to the idea that futures like the ones we watch on screen might not be so far off. It helps viewers to engage with their own suspension of disbelief, taking what seems surreal and making it real. 

I would recommend anyone who enjoys a commentary on a dystopian society as a premise who hasn’t already checked out the Maze Runner novels or films do so. The cast does an amazing job making you feel for the characters and some of the visuals are just stunning (in the way that dystopian things can be stunning – a bit of shock and awe with a touch of human beauty thrown in just to mess with your head a bit). I’m glad I got to see the last installment in theatres with my brother. It was a wonderful way to watch the last film, and a fun way to get some bonding time in. Since one of my own personal projects is taking a turn down the dystopian route I’ll need to get my hands on some copies of the Maze Runner novels and get to reading. 

Good luck, greenie! 


xx Mary

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