Harry Potter and the Super Bowl Sunday Feast

My past two weekends have been jammed packed, but in a good way. I’ve spent time watching The Hunger Games and reconnecting with an old friend, whom I had had a falling out with a while back. In terms of numbered years it’s truly not too long, but emotional years always go on forever (and I’m very glad we’re friends again). Then later that weekend I spent an evening with my siblings ordering take away Chinese food and watching Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (complete with Wizarding World treats). 

Now, over a week later I’ve had another rather full weekend. I spent this past Friday evening watching Raiders of the Lost Ark with my boyfriend. Which, coincidentally, is the first time I had seen an Indiana Jones movie in full despite being familiar with them and being interested in the premise. Sometimes I do that, skip over something I’m interested in unintentionally because it slips my mind. Then Saturday I unfortunately had to pass up time with my friends (time which I have promised to make up), but I did get to spend time with my siblings again. This time it was ice cream after dinner followed by (you guessed it) Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. While watching the movie we played each other in Monopoly, which lasted so long we began watching Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince before we decided to call it quits. (There’s still dispute over who should’ve been the real winner.) 

Then last night brought Super Bowl Sunday: Patriots versus the Eagles. As a Patriots fan I was majorly bummed at the end result of the game, but I have to say it was an entertaining one to watch. My dad made a huge spread for all of us, my sister’s guests and my own included. My boyfriend braved being stuck in the snow to get to my house all because he thought I was upset when he said he wanted to turn back home. (The snow ruining things? Yes. Him going home for his own safety? No.) . It was simultaneously one of the sweetest and most risky things someone has ever done for me. In the end at least he was able to get home safely after the game, and he seemed to enjoy himself. I know I had a nice time despite the game’s end (and despite the fact that I got bored playing Monopoly before the game started so I chose to bow out to an almost eleven year old and some teenagers). 

It’s so easy to take things for granted. All the little moments and time spent with your family and others you care about. It’s all people seem to do in this age of computers and constant media, take people for granted. I know I sound like a tired cliche saying so, but I think it’s important that whenever we can we spend face to face quality time with those we care about. In everything I did these past few weekends sure the TV was on, but it acted as background noise to the conversations and laughs that I was sharing with those I care about. My advice to anyone feeling lonely, left out, or just plain disconnected from life is to find someone you care about to spend some quality time with. It’s not always easy with schedules, but if you can make the time (and you should) it’s so worth it. 

xx Mary

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