Buffy the *Goal* Slayer?

Okay, so I’m certainly not a chosen one, let alone THE Chosen One. I haven’t been summoned by destiny to keep the forces of evil at bay. At least…not yet. It’s impossible to say if I have a higher calling to serve in the world. But, that’s not where I’m going with this. 

See, every year I re-watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I used to watch reruns on television every morning before I got on the school bus when I was younger, so the show has become synonymous with September for me. So every year, around the start of back-to-school antics I’m no longer a part of, I start binge watching like I never could when I could only watch reruns. Buffy has always been a character that exemplifies what it means to be a strong woman. She’s smart (smarter than most people remember), witty, athletically inclined, resilient, and most importantly kind hearted and giving. She also happens to be gorgeous (I mean, we’ve all seen Sarah Michelle Gellar, right?). 

Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 12.09.40 AM

This photo of Sarah Michelle Gellar is from an article on Daily Mirror (“12 things you never knew about Buffy The Vampire Slayer as Sarah Michelle Gellar celebrates 20th anniversary”).

It’s her strength of character that always inspires me time and again – not her perfection. Buffy isn’t perfect, and that’s something I love about the character. She falters, second guesses herself and her friends, and sometimes makes the wrong choice. But she keeps going. There are several moments in later seasons where Buffy “quits” or is looking for a reason to keep on going. Yet even when she supposedly has no reason to keep going or keep hoping for the best she never actually gives up, not completely. 

That tenacity toward what her heart knows is right is also a valuable skill for the character in her more “normal” pursuits. Sure, it’s one thing to keep fighting evil because you know the fate of the world is on you if you don’t. It’s a decent motivator. But, it’s a lot harder to stick to things like doing well in a challenging college class or or make the best of a situation that could be better, both of which Buffy (the later quite frequently). 

So, I’ve decided in 2018 I’m calling upon “slayer power”.  I’m going to harness the inspiration and motivation Buffy creates as a character and use it to tackle the goals I want to achieve in 2018. It’s important for me to be accountable to myself first and foremost, but I’ve decided to share my goals here as well. (A few extra people knowing your plans and looking to see if you’ve done them yet can’t hurt too much. I hope.) 

2018 Goals

* Write a complete novel

* Be more physically fit

* Develop healthier eating habits

* Stay properly hydrate

* Get more sleep each night

* Learn a new language

* Learn to play an instrument

* Maintain a blog

* Do more arts/crafts

* Bake/ cook more

* Take time to do more for others

* Be more mindful of myself and my wellness

Now, I know that goals are supposed to be more specific than that, as well as broken into more steps so they’re more achievable. But, for the sake of keeping this a tolerable length to read I’m just giving you the headlines. As I settle into this new blogging routine I plan to be more specific in updates about the steps I am taking to work toward my goals as well as my progress in them. I hope for this to be a place where not only I am able to express myself, but other like-minded individuals feel comfortable interacting with me too. 

xx Mary

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