D & D : Detox and De-stress

I had just gotten back into the swing of a fairly regular exercise routine after having a cold had thrown it off. Then…the holidays. I got a bit lax, but was still making an effort. The gym’s not too far, but it isn’t nearby so I the snowier days I’ve been doing what I can with the equipment my parents have at home – just something to get moving. I’ll admit, come New Year’s I was off the track and not really looking to get back anytime soon. I’m not sure what paradox I (and probably many others) spend my time in, but I never want to exercise even though I know I feel better when I do and I love the feeling better. The feeling better just doesn’t seem to outweigh trudging in the snow to get to the gym, which I will say I do tend to like being at more. 

They say it’s better to have separate spaces for everything. Don’t work in your bedroom and whatnot. While I’m sure some people are better at dealing with having things all in one space I’m not ashamed to say I’m not one of them. I like to differentiate home from work and home from work-out. Currently (gym aside) I can’t really do that. I’m currently working as a freelance writer and the only place I have a desk is in my bedroom. It can make it hard to relax, especially if I feel I’m trapped in the house from other activities due to weather or deadlines. Ideally, one day I’ll have a house (that I actually own) and it’ll be big enough to separate my bed from my office. 

At any rate, I’ve been slacking off in the health department especially and, I’ll admit, sometimes making excuses in order to do so. But I’m doing my best to do something about it. The only person who I really have to answer to if I’m not feeling my best is me. So, after getting through a session on the elliptical (so not my favorite workout by the way) I decided to try something that I ordered from ASOS

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 12.09.38 AM

I didn’t turn into a mermaid, but I did sparkle! 

Let me tell you, skeptical doesn’t even begin to cut it when I read that the BOD 20 Minute Mermaid Bath Prep was supposed to make you lose bloating/water weight. Well, I was wrong. The package doesn’t shy away from saying the water needs to be incredibly hot, like just a bit past what you might find comfortable hot. As a person with poor circulation almost every temperature feels hot to me in the winter…almost. But I braved the stinging and turned the faucet up. At first I sat there, in my Boscia Charcoal Pore Pudding, watching the sparkles and sipping water. It was certainly pleasant, but the only thing I was feeling was my skin turning red from the heat. But, as I crossed into the double digit time mark I could feel myself starting to sweat, as promised. I was impressive, I could feel myself sweating more than I had during my workout. 

I’ll be honest, I didn’t do the full 20 minutes and I only used about one-third of the bag. So, not exactly the best example of following directions. To be fair, I had to get out to share the bathroom. Just think, if it worked well like that I can only imagine what it does when you do it properly. The one note I’d like to make is to stay hydrated! I’m never hydrated enough and consequently am a tad dizzy from getting an extra dose of sweating in. 

I ended by detox evening with a quick cold shower rinse and some exfoliation curtesy of Scrubee by LUSH (which I live for). Overall, I feel lighter (both physically as well as mentally) and refreshed. I’m ready to tackle what tomorrow brings and make some healthier choices. 

xx Mary

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