Do You or Dosha?


Today was a fairly calm for me, as calm as my days tend to get anyway. I spent some time with my brother working on a forensic science kit and otherwise spent time resting. One of my focuses for 2018 is to make sure that I am more aware of my mental health. Too often I, like so many people, am cognizant of a need to take better care of myself but choose to set it aside in favor of other commitments. Sometimes this means activities that are engaging, but still relaxing. Other times it means “doing nothing” and just giving your mind a break entirely.

I came across something that caught my eye when I was looking through posts of the blogs that I follow: “How To Handle Stress According To Your Ayurvedic Mind-Body Type” on the Free People blog. At first it caught my eye because I’ve been on the lookout for ways to reduce stress in my life. I find that even when it should seem unlikely that I’d be stressed I’m rather restless. I aim to reduce the unnecessary stress in my life so that I’m better able to handle truly stressful situations when they come about. The next thing that caught my eye was “ayurvedic mind-body type.” I’d never heard of ayurvedic anything before, but I enjoy taking any kind of personality quiz. I find that, if you truly answer honestly, they can be quite insightful. 

I learned that Ayurveda (the name of the practice itself) is similar in it’s origins and practice to yoga. It’s focuses on finding balance and health within yourself. According to another Free People post called “What’s Your Dosha? Find Your Ayurvedic Mind-Body Type Now” Ayurveda focuses on your dosha, a personality and physical type comprised of natural elements. The theory is that your best health is connected to foods that are meant for your specific dosha. (There’s a link about digestive types on the first article I mentioned that will tell you what your dosha foods should be if you’re curious.)

For me, I learned that I belong (mostly, because no one is perfectly categorized by a single dosha) to the Vatas

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 8.36.17 PM

The mental description is very accurate. As I’ve said, my mind is restless even when there’s no real cause to be. (The ‘fall wind’ descriptor was an ironic fit as well.) The main advice for those who belong to the vata dosha is to find ways to remain present and grounded. Both are pieces of advice that I have heard before. My struggle is sometimes I’m hyper focused on trying to stay present and grounded that I counteract the benefits. 

I’m still no expert on Ayurveda. But, now I’ve learned about a new way to practice wellness that I can bring in to my daily life. If it brings about positive change, all the better. If it doesn’t bring about much change at all, well then no harm done. 

xx Mary


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