Chilling Out in the Stars

I’ll admit I’m a sucker for themed things, especially when they’re Scorpio themed. I won’t lie and say I’m not just vain enough to feel excited whenever good things are predicted for my zodiac sign. Say what you will, but in a way astrology does work. It’s not an accurate science, but I’ve found that if you’re honest with yourself (eek that’s a scary thought, I know) it can provide some valuable insights into your temperament and way of thinking. One of the most frequent critiques of Scorpios is that they’re an explosive, all or nothing personality. This can come in degrees, you might be the most chill Scorpio there is. For me, it’s true. Even when I look like if I got an calmer I’d be dead I’m usually running thought marathons until the tiny runner in my brain explodes in cartoon-esque drama. The ‘Tune Into Your Zodiac: Scorpio Playlist’ by the Free People Blog was a wake up call to slow down and explore the inner workings of my mind more.

IMG_0590This was a perfect expansion to my music tastes. I have nothing against the calmer, alternative sounding songs/bands. But, it’s safe to say that I just don’t go out of my way to look for them. Most of the time I’m still looking at music I liked when I was younger. (No one will ever convince that N’SNYC is out of style.) Most of the time my music compliments my hyped up personality. So the songs I tend to listen to are equally amped, no matter what emotion they’re expressing.

These songs were an interesting blend. Their outward sound doesn’t come off as highly amped up. Some of them are downright calm. But, I noticed the recurring themes were a lot more intense and introspective. For example, one of my favorite lines was in the song “Find Yourself” by Great Good Fine Ok. In the midst of a calm, but still danceable song the line “Don’t let someone find you before you find yourself” gets repeated.  This line was especially impactful to me at the moment. I’m shifting my life in some big ways. I’ve got a lot of new projects I want to work on and I’m in the midst of a job hunt – my creative endeavors aren’t paying the bills just yet. On top of all that I’m working on trying to move out of my parents house some time this millennium.

The biggest challenge for me in all of this is finding a way to forge a path that accounts for the advice of those who have been in the world longer than I, while ensuring that it’s my own. I’ve been lost behind other people’s voices before in an attempt to keep the peace. But, I’m learning that no one is shunning me for standing my ground…at least not yet.

This playlist is great for taking a night drive with the windows down (when it’s not the middle of a freezing cold January…obviously) and just letting your mind wander into it’s best daydreams.

xx Mary

For your listening pleasure — music to inspire all you Scorpios out there…

via Tune Into Your Zodiac: Scorpio Playlist — Free People Blog

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