The Overabundance of Beginnings

The other night I attended a journaling class at my local library. It's a class that I've been going to monthly for a few years now. I always benefit from the time to focus on nothing but clearing my head. The big focus the other night was beginnings - starting something new you've always wanted … Continue reading The Overabundance of Beginnings

10 Sights I Want to See

I have traveled a bit in my life. I'm by no means a professional wanderer. But I wouldn't hate it if I was. While I am often rather hermit-like I have found it is because I am bored of my immediate surroundings. There are places in the world I want to see and cultures I'd … Continue reading 10 Sights I Want to See

The Death Cure

Today, I went to the final installment of the Maze Runner movies. It feels like it's been so long since the first one came out that it's hard to think that this is the end. It's similar to how it felt when Harry Potter ended. I remember seeing the last movie in theatres with my … Continue reading The Death Cure

Inspiration: A Phoenix

It's funny. I had an idea for what I wanted to post tonight. Then I sat there thinking about what I wanted to post and realized I did't know why I wanted to post it. To be clear, I knew why I chose the topic. But, I didn't know what I wanted to say about the … Continue reading Inspiration: A Phoenix

Risky Raspberry Valentine’s Day

Today, in case you didn't know is Valentine's Day. I'm spending the evening with my boyfriend. Like the good modern day couple we are, we decided to split up the evening's responsibilities since we had decided to stay in and avoid the crowds. He offered to take care of dinner, so that left me with … Continue reading Risky Raspberry Valentine’s Day

The Bard and The Book(s) of the Month

First of all, ahhh! I had this one all planned out and still I post late. For me it's only by a few minutes, but it just shows the date for readers. That's what I get for writing so much in a limited time.  Anyway, Monday evening I returned to high school. I'm just kidding, … Continue reading The Bard and The Book(s) of the Month

Harry Potter and the Super Bowl Sunday Feast

My past two weekends have been jammed packed, but in a good way. I've spent time watching The Hunger Games and reconnecting with an old friend, whom I had had a falling out with a while back. In terms of numbered years it's truly not too long, but emotional years always go on forever (and … Continue reading Harry Potter and the Super Bowl Sunday Feast